Paramount works with individuals that have behavioral issues. The areas of concentration are cognitive, emotional development and redirection. This allows an individual to understand what, why and how. If an individual can overcome this issue then behavior will decrease.

People with serious mental illness are challenged by two things. One, they struggle with their symptoms and disabilities that result from the disease. Two, they are challenged by the stereotypes and prejudices that result from misconceptions about mental illness.

As a result of both, people with mental illness are robbed of opportunities that defines quality of life: good jobs, safe housing, satisfactory health care, and affliction with a diverse group of people.

Practice Compassion:

Compassion will go a long way to change stigma about mental illness. Be curious about strangers. When given the chance, lend an ear and talk to someone with whom you don’t know.

Encourage change. Compassion usually seems to occur only on an individual level. However, mass action and social changes are often stimulated through great compassion.

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Ways to STOP the Stigma

Incorporate Mental Wellness into daily life:

Talking willingly about mental health issues can help others recognize that mental health issues are really medical issues that are persistent, which need to be greatly understood and treated.