Paramount is dedicated to being a platform for mental health awareness. In the articles found below, you can access some resources which offers information about different type of mental illnesses, symptoms, and ways to seek help.


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"The Brain is Wider than the Sky."

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Article Titles
  1. What is Mental Health and Wellness
  2. Understanding PTSD
  3. Signs and symptoms of Anxiety andDepression 
  4. When and why you should seek mental health counseling​
  5. What is Anxiety and How to deal with it.

  6. Coping with Trauma in your life

  7. Bullying is never acceptable

  8. Learn to love yourself

  9. The Mind-Body Connection

  10. How to manage feelings of Sadness or Depression

  11. How to set Healthy Boundaries

  12. Personal Goal Setting, Steps to be Successful

  13. Drugs, Learn the Facts

  14. Why should I follow rules?

  15. Coping with Grief or Loss

  16. Social Media, Learn about the Good, Bad and the Ugly