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Paramount was founded on February 1st, 2001 by Dr. Margo Willis with the sole purpose of providing therapeutic interventions, clinical care, mental health counseling, tutoring, a platform for preventions, and drug and alcohol treatment programs. Given that Paramount has stood strong for 10 years, each year with its growth, Paramount is dedicated to incorporating additional services to best meet the needs of the community where it is located (Dayton, OH), but also Statewide. To learn more in-depth of the services provided, please click on the link below.


Portrait of Dr. Margo Willis
A portrait of Dr. Margo Willis

Dr. Margo Willis has developed
programs that allowed children to aspire to succeed at their highest level of achievement. 

She has always shown everyone she meets that they are important and recognizes their potential. Dr. Willis believes that success is reached by taking on challenges. Being around her means taking on a task that will later make you ask yourself, “How did I become a part of this?”

Dr. Margo Willis has been a strong entrepreneur throughout her life. 


Paramount Development    
Behavioral Health Care Agency 

She’s owned her own clothing apparel business for over twelve years and she has always worked with children in the community, along with working in her local church, and she shuffled her schedule around going to school and working for General Motors.  

Dr. Willis gives everyone a hearty smile, along with her dimples. She is a native of Mansfield, Ohio where she graduated from Mansfield Senior High.  She obtained her Doctoral Degree as a Counselor from Open Arms International in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Willis has also dedicated herself to give back to her community.  She has received the National Community Crisis Response Team Certification, SBirt Certification, Dealing with Toxic Stress, Family Engagement for Department of Youth, Child Abuse Awareness Certification, and Ohio Code of Ethics Prevention Professional Certificate.

Throughout Dr. Willis’ tenure in the workplace, she has continued to show her passion for children. She founded and became the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, Paramount Development Association, in February 2001. Dr. Willis works passionately to provide opportunities through her services for children to always soar for success and reach for greater achievements.


Continue to provide counseling and prevention services to individuals and families that will build, nurture, and carry them to a higher foundation of success. Give clients a greater outlook towards a brighter tomorrow.  Continue implement services which promotes the individual's potential and encourage growth. 


  1. Excellence is Achieved through Soaring 

  2. To be great you must embrace great thoughts 

  3. You must surround yourself with likeminded people who possess a passion for excellence

Provide comprehensive resources for individuals and families which includes counseling, education, preventative, outreach, and consultation services to individuals and families. Generate solutions that will elevate the mind and promote a brighter path of success  through aspiring greater opportunities. 


  1. Supports the philosophy that each individual and family has their own needs. 

  2. Enhances the quality of life and promote the well-being of our community. 

  3. Provide appropriate services to individuals who may be experiencing psychological, behavioral or emotional difficulties. 

  4. Provide educational and preventative programming that promotes the psychological well-being of clients and their families. 

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