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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is counseling?


Counseling is a collaboration between counselor client. Together you and your counselor identify challenges in your life and create solutions to help move your life in a positive direction.

2. What Can I expect at an Assessment?


Mental health assessments are made up of questions based on your thoughts, feelings, symptoms, personal, social, and individual life, and trauma experience. Assessments can last from 45 - 90 minutes

3. Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, all individual sessions are confidential and follow the guidelines to be HIPPA compliant.  This includes all sessions from face to face to telehealth sessions.

4. Do I have to come to your office?

No, sessions can be conducted in home, in school, over video conference, and other private offices. 

5. What insurance do you accept? 

We accept all carriers of insurance including Medicaid

6. Do you accept clients who do not have insurance?

Yes. Services which are not covered by insurance plans can be paid out of pocket. 

7. What age range of client do you provide services?

Ages 3 and a half and up.

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