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   Paramount Development Association
provides services based on the individual's level of care needed after the initial diagnostic assessment. Paramount is constructed of Licensed Individual Social Workers, Counselors, and Therapists.


Licensed Independent Social Worker with Supervision Designation.


The supervisor of clinical services is responsible for coordination and management of all services rendered to clients, and supervises personnel. 

 Therapists provide services which address the individualized mental health need of the client. They are direct toward adults, children, adolescents and family. and will vary with the respect of hours and intensity of services depending on the needs of each individual.

The purpose/intent of therapy services is to provide specific, measurable, and individual service plan to each person served.

A counselor works with patients to help them overcome and manage different mental and emotional challenges. Their duties include, meeting with patients to listen to their problems, diagnosing their mental/emotional disorder, and building treatment plans and coping strategies. 

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