~ Excellence is Achieved Through Soaring ~

     Paramount's primary goal is to grow and achieve with its clients. Children and adults must feel safe in their environment allowing them to work through their challenges and to overcome barriers which limits their accomplishment in school, community, work, as well as in the community.  

Paramount is committed to the specific needs of our children with

barriers that must be addressed. Our Evidence Based programs are designed to allow our children to help in their own undertaking.  All programs are geared toward Social/Emotional Learning. These services allow children an opportunity to engage in the sessions, they are encouraged to express emotions as to how they are processing their feelings, which allows them to connect to the challenges they facing. 

"The Best Way to Find

Yourself is to Lose Yourself in the Service of Others."

Program Descriptions

Social/Emotional Learning Program:

Paramount's Social/Emotional Learning program targets an individual's social and emotional intelligence through weekly activities. The five core subjects SEL programs focuses on are self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness. 

Behavioral/Mental Health:

Paramount offers Outpatient Behavioral and Mental Health Services to children to adults. Services are administered by our LISWs, Therapists, and Counselors in an individual or group setting. Services include:

  • Self -esteem 

  • Communications

  • Anger management

  • Stress management 


    Anxiety Management



    School-based therapy

  • Individual/group therapy

  • Individual treatment plans

  • Mental health assessments



    Referrals for more intensive care

  • Concentration/attention difficulties 

  • Consultation services for individuals with emotional/behavioral concerns


Paramount provides tutoring evidenced-based learning curriculum to assist children in grades K-12 with concentration on Math, Reading, and Language Arts. Tutoring services can be provided in school, home, or at the main office with the goal to help students academically excel.


Paramount Mentorship Program is an evidenced-based program designed for male and female clients under the age of 18. The program tend to the child's individual needs and help them develop personal and social skills through community involvement. 

12-16 Week Intervention Program

Paramount has designated for at-risk youths or adults who have developed an interest in harmful behaviors such as drugs and alcohol, truancy, gang involvement, and domestic violence. The program also focuses on behaviors such as bullying, academic struggles, obtaining and maintaining jobs, anger management. At-risk youth is a child who is unlikely to transition into adulthood and develop a successful life due to low-economic status, family instability or dysfunction, lack of community or school resources. 


Paramount welcomes members of the community to join seminars which would discuss pressing issues within the community, statewide, or nationwide. Upcoming seminars will be listed as such on this page with the date and time. Click the link to see the current subjects Paramount is awaiting on hosting. 


Summaries of Seminar Subjects/Articles



In this session you will learn what Anxiety is and how to recognize it. This session teaches about the different types and levels of Anxiety from test anxiety to panic attacks and phobias. You will learn how your physical body as well as your emotions are affected by Anxiety.  You will also learn how to cope with anxiety as well as how to reduce it.  There are many different techniques to help reduce anxiety depending upon the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing.  You are not alone in the battle against Anxiety.